Tuesday, November 4, 2008

now think about this.

dear concerned voter,

i am writing so that you may think about your choices before you step into the polling place, and hopefully make more informed choices.  my purpose is not to touch on every issue, or candidate, but larger general principals that are facing us today, and our future.

lets talk economics.  has anybody noticed the stock market falling like a lead balloon?  or the large corporations liquidating all of their assets and shutting down shop?  how does this affect us?  does it affect us?  which president will help us right this ship?

first off, i wanted to touch on the subject of the large corporate bailouts, namely to a few banks, and a large insurance firm.  many average citizens have complained about this action, and many think they have better ideas than giving these multi-billion dollar companies loans.  the common thought is "why bail out these companies when they have made mistakes to get here"  this is completely true.  however, has anybody stopped to think about what would happen if all of these companies actually went under?  

i guess an analogy might be called for here.  the easiest one would be a house of cards, or dominoes.  we know what happens to both of those cases right?  say for a second that there was no bail out of any company what so ever.  the people working for these huge companies would be out of a job right?  well boo hoo for those executives living in newp. earning high 6 figures right?  what about those people answering the phones?  or the entry, and mid levels?  the ones that are saving up to buy a condo in anaheim?  they wouldn't be able to afford their mortgages, their houses will go into forclosure, and.....hmmmmm sound familiar?  so lets look at the big picture here.

with all of these huge companies going out of business, that means a lot of things, among them great sales!  but besides that there is going to be a HUUUUUUGE loss of jobs.  perpetuating what i mentioned in the previous paragraph.  as well as a host of other problems, tat will bring about more of the same thing.

people in this country have a tendency/history to do stupid things mostly based on false hopes and misinformation , and business make choices out of greed.  this caused the real estate "bubble"  many people that i know bought houses they could afford, hoping they would gain value, and make them money in the long/short run, many more people bought houses they could NOT afford hoping the same thing.  companies such as a mortgage place that i worked for, and a few banks would lend to these individuals either ignoring the fact that they would not be able to afford these loans, or hoping that the market would just keep inflating so that the people could sell, and the loan would be paid off (with a pre-payment penalty) anyways.  this is irresponsible, however if unchecked the damage from this explosion will be more immense than we can imagine.  

has any of you put money into stock lately?  am i the only one that has lost a little more than half of the money that i scraped by, and lived oh-so meagerly in order to save?  probably not.  maybe none of you know what i am talking about, so imagine this.  imagine not spending money on things considered 'frivolous' for about 4 years in order to save a sum of money that would be considered by many as "ehhhh....not that much", meanwhile racking up decent amounts of credit card debt to pay for school, books, and gas (whole 'nother topic).  now imagine about 6 months ago when the market was slowly creeping down, thinking to yourself "maybe now is a good time to make a move in the market with my entire meager savings"  then lastly imagine yourself right now with a little less than one half of the total sum that was invested previously, with no sign of light.

i am not the only one in this position, ask around, you know somebody directly that has lost a substantial amount of money, just because of the downturn of the markets, and the events preceding.  

this whole economy, and way of life that we live here in the united states is a cycle, and the things that we do, and the outcomes that we receive are based on many  things.  

a bunch of people have asked me who i am going to vote for.  first of all everybody that has asked me that is always in favor of obama.  which is cool, but i always like to question people's motives.  my main beef, was brought upon by hearing an interview by a governor that you might, or might not have already heard of.  jessie ventura.  he talked about how all of the candidates are promising lower taxes for everybody (nothing new) while at the same time offering promises of increased benefits, like social security, and free healthcare for everybody!  doesn't that sound good?  ofcourse it does, but what nobody stops to think about is how the fuck is our government going to pay for this shit?  

the government is a business.  largest in the entire world if i'm not mistaken.....they make revenue off of taxes from us, and in turn they provide us with services, such as roads, public schools, and pay checks on the first of the month (for some.....) anyways, one of the fundamental arguments/differences between the left and the right are "is it worth it to pay all these taxes to get all of this shit"  some people do not collect checks every month, some people pay for their own insurance, yet all of us pay into those services by way of taxes.  so its up to the citizen to decide if government should be providing these services to the people who indeed make use of them.

if you have never turned on a tv your entire life or glanced at a news paper for less than a half a second then you might not know that our government is in huge debt.  to the tune of an amount of money that could be stacked to mars or something.  an amount that can not be paid back by accumulating more expenses (such as providing more services for us at no cost), and lowering taxes (revenues).  just so you know living in a country where the government has no money, and more debt that can ever be imagined, is not a real sound call.  for instance what if the middle east/far east decides to stop loaning us money?  where will the government get the money to pave the roads, or build schools, or pay for your neighbor to keep her 7 children in nikes, and soda?  from the more than substantial amounts of money you and i pay in taxes?  nope.  that goes to laser-guided bombs that are used to blow up small hut villages in afghanistan.  

when you vote today, ask yourself a few questions: 
-which president is going to help heal our economy?
-is it feasible to promise universal health care while at the same time lowering taxes?
-am i voting for this candidate because it makes me appear 'hip' and 'in the know'?


Rachel said...


A lot of people I know are voting for the 'hip' choice today and haven't done any research on the matter.

I hope that I'm wrong and that people have taken their time to do their homework...

negative drew said...

I don't think the fact that Obama may be the hip choice automatically makes him the wrong choice.

McCain himself already admitted he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to the economy.