Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the up-swing

so, i was watching this show last night called "iconoclasts" it was on starz or one of the movie channels. it was rad actually, the premise is for every episode (i think) they take 2 different big timers, follow them around, and they both talk about their lives and the other dude.

last night's episode featured tony hawk, and jon favreau. jon favreau talked about how his mom died when he was 11, and how it fucked him up, and how everything we do is motivated by some sort of damage that has been done to us, and we are trying to fix it. tony hawk talked about.........skateboarding. jon favreau was epic, and tony hawks experience lacked inspiration. i may be the only one, but i like stories of struggle, and overcoming adversity.

the one thing that tony hawk offered was his story on the ups and downs of skateboarding, and at the lowest point he was "skating the parking lot of magic mountain for $100 a day". wow man rough life.....you made more than ample money 10, 15, or 20 years ago, to survive today......wow. when i first heard this i didn't know what to think, then when i realized that he made more than me, many years ago when the price of living was lower, i thought to myself "what an ass hole". he then proceeded to mention that story many more times in the duration of the show.

now i think that if the lowest point of my career, or life was skating a parking, and getting paid a hundred bucks a day to do that, my life would have turned out pretty damn well, much like mr. tony hawk.

i don't know how to transition this, but i also wanted to say a few words on the current state of the economy. i slept through the inauguration this morning, but i from what people's status on their facebook profiles are telling me it was quite inspirational.

i am more than slightly concerned about the current state of our economy right now. i have been keeping tabs on a few different stocks for the past while, and the stock price for the company that i work for (bank of america) has dropped from $50 a share to just above $5, and will probably continue to drop before the close of the day.

what does this all mean? fuck.....i don't know. wachovia, washington mutual, indymac, and downey savings have all failed, but they continue to operate, and employ a considerable workforce.

to me its confusing, and scary to think about what is happening, banks failing, but still operating? the government shelling out trillions of dollars, that we don't have. how long can this last? will our economy be able to continue to operate on debt? how long?

Friday, January 2, 2009

top tens '08

Well here you have it. The culmination of everybody's idea of what was rad about '08. This years lists bring a lot of firsts, for example, it is the first time that I allowed somebody other than myself to post more than 10 things on their list, it is the first time that Trevor did not mention me in his list : ( and it is also the first time that Pepe put "being single" in his list...........anyways, here they are:

Name: Robby
Location: Viejo
Fame: nah.

The list (in no real order):

-new friends
-old friends
-new girls
-Los Angeles Dodgers
-Rob & Big
-beach ridez

name: jeff sagud
fame: tire iron
location: orange county

1.) going to long beach state
2.) smashing weights with robby haight daily
3.) 3 years with sarajean
4.) robby haight moving to orange county...finally
5.) idaho with trev, jane, sara, dave and candy peters
6.) bleeding through- declaration
7.) marc pepe moving to orange county...again....finally
8.) trev suceeding in music and tacking
9.) having the best friends
10.) xmas 08'

name: Trevor
location: oc
fame: the black white supremist

IR Minus All tour
joining combichrist
finally starting my backpiece
new harley
art shit
tattoo shit
still edge as fuck
still white as fuck

Name: Dave Peters
Location: Newport Terrace
Fame: Inventor of the Burri-Thai, Sourdough Breadbowl Enthusiast,
Purveyor of Puns, Harbinger of Hanger

Top 10 in no particular order:

1) Sharting
2) One year of marriage
3) Dirty Little Secrets Burlesque Extravaganza
4) Slapping my wife across the tits (informed consent)
5) Colon cleanse *see item 1
6) Smashing insomnia
7) The iPhone
8) Christmas Party + Inappropriate Charades
9) Idaho & Vegas
10) Friends and food associated with 8 and 9

name : Marc Samuel Pepe
location : NOT LA, California
Fame : AIDS

1. xPicassox
2. Euro-Trip 2008
3. Being TRUELY single
5. Living in OC.... Again....
6. Surfing 2-a-days, summer 2008
7. Looking forward to Declaration World Tour 2009
8. Sweden with Jason Butler
10. My friends - quality > quantity

Jon Vigil
www. myspace. com/theghostinside

apps hole.
melbourne, victoria. australia.
northstars bets.
playing cards and all things associated with said cards.
not robbie hate.

Name: Martin "Chaton" Stewart
Location: Southern California Eternal
Fame: Living & breathing a true DOG lifestyle.

(In no particular order)

Un: Rock Band I & II / Guitar Hero World Tour

Deux: 46" 1080p Samsung LCD HD Television

Trois: Vuze / www. torrentz. com

Quatre: Finally getting over my internet addiction

Cinq: Going to Russia, Japan & Korea

Six: Triumvir clothing

Sept: Playing "Join The Army" on guitar w/ S.T.

Huit: Realizing my real life love for GWAR

Neuf: Summertime partying

Dix: Trapped Under Ice (The band, not song)

Bonus 11

Onze: Always having a way better top 10 than everyone else in Robby's little fantasy.

Name: John Robert Diaz
Location: San Pedro, CA
Fame: N/A

1. Waves
2. Bella, my 2 yr old sister, starting to talk.
3. Friends
4. Reading
5. Hell Run
6. Dancing
7. Camping
8. Full Moons
9. Being Single
10. The Vegan Joint/ Veggie Grill

name: Sara Cunningham

location: Laguna Niguel

fame: Sike

list: In no order:

1) 21st Birthday/Vegas
2) 3 year anniversary with Jeff
3) Trip with crucials to Idaho for the 4th
4) Trip to Florida to be with my best Rebecca
5) Trip to Convict Lake with my family and Jeff
6) Coldplay for Viva La Vida tour with Jeff
7) Passed my last Math class EVER
8) Shot my first gun
9) IPhone purchase
10) Met new amazing people I have become friends with

sean loye
alias: admiral, mubbles, pretty boy loye, house cat, broke knuck.
Location: hella sacramento
Fame: unknown

top ten inventions

10. tools
9. plumbing
8. snowboarding/skateboarding
7. music
6. drugs/alcohol
5. internet
4. birth control
3. soccer
2. lasers
1. hot babes

name: Josh Navarro
location: Santa Monica
fame: Transformers 2 (get into it)
top tens:

1. Graduating College (Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science)
2. xbox 360 / xbox live
3. Tattoos
4. Fucking as many girls as I can before I get another g/f
5. Doing another top 10 since '05
6. Dexter
7. Big Screen TV's
8. Jager Bombs
9. ART
10.Finally Getting a fucking Career.

Name: meL V.B
Location: Strasbourg, France
Fame: escaping from the norm

The List:
1. photography
2. Dexter
3. baby niece
4. amazing job
5. buddhism
6. bike rides
7. pumpkin spice
8. vladimir kush
9. french
10. madame bovary

Name: MickDizzzeth
Location: Holy Wood
Fame: Where do i start?

The list: (in no real order)
-meeting metallica
-death magnetic (record of the decade)
-jager tour with hatebreed
-moving to hollywood?
-true friends
-seeing carcass...finally.
-family and slc
-canada with iron maiden
-and of course a dude naming his kid adolf Hitler

Name: Negative Drew
Claim to fame: You're still straight edge?!?!

Top Ten, no order

1. Hockey
2. C.R.A.N.K. Mob
3. What is hardcore?
4. Probably hockey again
5. Mad Men
6. Women (the band)
7. Not being 25 most of the year
8. Paxil
9. /b/
10. Still sleeping during the day, every day

And finally, there were some random assholes who decided to send me a list and not include their name, location, or fame, which as everybody knows is half the fun!


1. Spent New Years in Paris, France

2. Helped take a group of kids into Siria, Romania to do service work on a campground and paint houses.

3. Visited Pisa, Italy for a week.

4. Spent numerous weekends in Amsterdam, Holland.

5. Turned 23

6. Finished half sleeve.

7. Drove through the Swiss Alps.

8. Learned how to ride a bike again.

9. Drove 120+ mph on the Autobahn

10. Spent Christmas in Madrid, Spain

top ten reasons to go to target

1. its amazing
2. its awesome
3. TBN lady sighting
4. bleeding through cd
5. polaroid film
6. popcorn and a drink for 1.50
7. exclusive DVD sets
8. groceries
9. awesome chapstick
10. great wholesome way to spend a saturday night

(little zack)
1. taco llamas tacos
2. xbox live
3. going to amsterdam and going insane
4. cornhole
5. touring with the best people ever
6. stepbrothers and tropic thunder
7. drugs
8. the feista pack from del taco
9. gaining weight
10. fghihfukojvdfigbjkcjhdfdycczsdupb$(,5:8.rgcc368:,!?,hfjffnng

2008 sucked. im not doing one this year.